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We here at QANTAC believe that working at the end of the world doesn’t have to be the end of the world!

No matter how far off the beaten track you find yourself hanging your hat, we strive to provide that home away from home by ensuring our residents have all the creature comforts needed to be healthy, happy and well rested.

 Catering professionals

 We fully understand that a motivated and effective workforce requires not just a healthy and nutritious diet, but a varied and interesting one as well.

  • We invest a great deal of time and energy into recruiting only the most passionate and skilled hospitality professionals we can find.
  • Starting with a minimum of a cookery trade qualification, all of our chefs embark on a professional development course that finds them working towards a certificate IV in hospitality or beyond.

 Healthy Options – Every meal

 Providing residents with a wide variety of healthy and nutritious foods for meals and snacks including fruit and vegetables, wholemeal and wholegrain cereal products, dairy products, lean meats and meat alternatives is all part of the package.

We prepare a range of products daily that are based on sound menu planning principles and provide the opportunity to satisfy the body’s daily nutritional need, if healthy eating choices are made.

As far as choice goes, we endeavour to ensure varieties are varied enough to meet the energy and nutrient needs of workers as well as keeping residents interested by introducing adults to a range of healthy food ideas.

We allow opportunity for residents with food allergies, food intolerances and special dietary needs to consult with staff upon request to determine specific food related requirements, offer alternate food choices, identify on the allergen chart specific allergens agents present in the days menu and promote an awareness of allergen management amongst our food service staff by a variety of training initiatives.

Our dining rooms create a relaxed atmosphere at mealtimes where residents have enough time to eat and enjoy their food as well as enjoying the social interactions with other residents by enforcing our policy of “No TV at the dinner table”.

 At QANTAC, fresh produce is the only quality we understand.

Our certified suppliers undergo regular review to ensure our chefs only have the best products to work with.

 Something Special


They say a change is as good as a holiday… (But nothing beats a field break!) we aim to add variety to spice up village life with regular fully themed specialty nights and seafood nights!