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Design and Construction

No Location too Remote!


 Intelligent design, efficient construction

Our in-house team are experts in creating purpose-built remote location facilities and mine site accommodation villages.

As facilities management experts, we understand the design and operational requirements of Accommodation facility so as to be able to deliver on your business objectives, be cost efficient to operate, embrace environmental sustainability, be built tough enough to withstand the most demanding  locations and provide that all important safe and secure residential environment for your workforce to call home.

Our team can manage the whole process, from the initial development application and local council approvals through to civil works construction, power, sewerage, ICT, village construction, installation of all plant and equipment, landscaping and commissioning ready for the mobilisation of your workforce.

Let us do the thinking for you.

Turnkey solutions

Design, build and construct a complete turnkey solution, no matter how remote the location may be, one partner is all you need.

We can provide solutions to a variety of requirements, from complete design and engineering, construction and management of a brand new accommodation village, large or small to extension of an existing facility such as additional amenities or upgrades to existing facilities.

We have specialists in ICT and electrical services who can guarantee that your systems are online and working or provide the installation of water, wastewater and power infrastructures.

Short or long-term rental of facilities is also offered, be it an existing village or something purpose built.

Let us be your solution.